Cool 98.7 is proud to present Wine Wednesdays with Wish!

Every Wednesday morning Brent Skjerseth, a certified Wine Specialist and the Wine Manager at Gee Williquors will come in and feature a perfect in-season wine.

It's that time of the season where people are hosting special holiday dinners and we know you are looking for that perfect item to bring to the party.

A lot of times people will bring a cake or cookies because they are scared to get wine! What kind of wine fits the occasion? What kind of wine goes well with the food being served? What wines are in season?

Fortunately, Brent has the answers for you every Wednesday morning when you Wake up with Wish.

Tune in at 7:40am and listen for Brent to tell you that week's Wine of the Week. He'll give you information on how it tastes, what occasions it is good for, and what foods it pairs well with.

Then, immediately after, you can win that bottle of wine! All you need to do is play Cool Under Pressure. Wish will ask you a question and you'll have 10 seconds to answer. If you can stay cool under the pressure, you will win the wine of the week courtesy of Cool 98.7 and Gee Williquors!

The first Wine Wednesday is Oct. 5 and the Wine of the Week is the Menage a Trois Golden Chardonnay.