If you absolutely cannot go through the Halloween season without being chased by a maniacal clown carrying a chainsaw, then Bismarck/Mandan let's go on a terrifying trip to the sleepy yet scary town of Leonard, North Dakota.  Leonard is home to ACRES OF TERROR!   It's safe to say there will be creepy clowns aplenty.

Scary clown person in clown mask on blue background studio shot

In August, we found out that Fort Lincoln's "Haunted Fort" was being corona-cancelled for 2020.  It's a bummer for sure, as this ultimate fright-fest was getting bigger and better year after year.  Ranger Matt and his extensive team of gore loving staffers and volunteers really put on a horror show that ain't for the feint of heart.

I understand the Haunted Fort didn't have the same options as similar operations across the country.  Haunted houses lend themselves to social distancing- seriously, you want to get within six feet of this clown? Nope.  But, when you're located on the Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park, there are rules and regulations that you can't just get around.  So, they snuck back into the shadows, but are already preparing for a pulse pounding 2021 season.

So where does that leave the Halloween-heads in need of good old fashioned screamfest? It leads them to Leonard, and Acres Of Terror!*

*imagine blood curdling scream here.

Since 2003, Acres Of Terror has transformed little Leonard and it's abandoned school house into a straight out of Friday the 13th horror show.  You'll go through cornfields in the dead of night...except you and friends won't be alone, there's 30 actors nightly prowling around Acres of Terror.  Good luck with that.

Leonard, ND is just outside of Fargo so it's quite a zombie crawl from Bismarck Mandan.  But they're pretty used to people traveling hundreds of miles to come experience some top-notch terror.

Here's their Facebook page and an interesting article with more pictures here. Oh, and here's their website and more pictures and video.

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