What are some of the lamest Halloween treats you have ever received?

This is an interesting topic, I asked this question about a week ago, and some of the answers for incredible, LAME, and astonishing ( that people would actually pass this on to kids ). Some people also believe that Halloween is a dying breed, that fewer ghosts and goblins are out trick or treating, they actually might have a point if the awful treats continue to be handed out. I heard from so many here in Bismarck that I could compile a large volume of lame items that have been passed out.

Bismarck/Mandan: You can do A LOT better than this

Ok, I get it, some people believe by being original, and "Thinking outside the box" that they are doing kids a favor by saving their teeth from future cavities. In reality, they are doing their part by destroying the October 31st tradition of CANDY! Some of the items on this list have actually been put in a kid's trick-or-treat bag here in Bismarck/Mandan. Here is a list of other items  NOT recommended for Halloween tricksters here in town.



10 Items NOT Recommended To Give Out On Halloween

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