Bismarck Public Schools are bringing back a great cause for kids in need.

You may remember that we did a drive-thru event last year at SCHEELS with Bismarck Public Schools. Kids' Kicks was a donation drive for kids in need in the Bismarck Public Schools system. And Kids' Kicks is back for another year to collect snow boots, snow pants, waterproof winter gloves, and cash donations for the kids.

Donations are being collected from now through the end of November.

Now, through the end of November, Bismarck Public Schools will be accepting donations online or by mail to the BPS Foundation. And, on October 16, Hot 97-5 and US 103-3 will join the people of Bismarck Public Schools and SCHEELS to collect donations in person! Help us "fill the ice castle" with winter clothes and boots for kids in need!

WHAT: Kids' Kicks - "Fill the Ice Castle"

WHEN: Tuesday, November 16, 2021
10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

800 Kirkwood Mall

"Fill the Ice Castle" runs through November 16. But the donations can keep coming after that date. Cenex in Bismarck will be taking donations from November 17-28.

The BPS Foundation does a lot for people in need in the school system.

The BPS Foundation does a lot to help students in need.  The website also states that 98% of the foundation's donations go to "programs and services to students and staff." For instance, they raise money for hunger. According to the BPS Foundation's website, the organization has raised $15,184 as of October 2020.

Kids' Kicks

Bismarck Public Schools are collecting winter clothing items and cash so all students can stay warm this freezin' season. Find out the type of items kids are in need of this year.

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