Ok I get it, watching people run may seem extremely boring, but trust me it is not. Either you know someone who is participating in the events this week or not, this is still something you should try and get involved with, here are some great ways you can.

Starting this Thursday, here are some cool things happening all leading up to Saturday

Bring your future track stars out to the BNSF Kid's Mini Marathon taking place at Cottonwood Park from 5 pm - 7 pm. All kids under 12 years of age are free and will be racing in multiple lengths. The greatest thing about this is that everyone who finishes, whether you are first or last, will walk away with a medal around their neck. This is a perfect place to "get your feet wet" if you will - to have FUN, and not worry how fast or slow you are getting to the finish line.

Don't forget your furry friends

This Friday is the BisBark 4k - The name alone should spell out a good time. Cottonwood Park is once again the scene, and the starting time is 7:30 pm. This is a 2.5- mile walk/run. Of course, all owners will have their dog on a leash, and you guessed it, they will be armed with neat little plastic bags to have on their ready when Fido decides to relieve him or herself on the course. You AND your dog will get a medal upon finishing the race. 96-5 The Fox will be there!

Let Saturday be your day to support Bismarck runners

A huge day for runners of all abilities - whether it's your 12th marathon or you are attempting your first, the pre-race thoughts are always intimidating. The 26.2 miles are NOT to be taken lightly -  the hours of training leading up to this day are a compliment to your dedication. Click here for the course map. If you know someone that will be in the full marathon, you can't imagine how much your support is needed. All of our Townsquare Media radio stations will have our vehicles out in different points of the race, blasting our music, and cheering everyone on. There is also a half-marathon going on as well. Do what you can do to be a part of a special day for so many








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