This is a true miracle.

A 2-week-old girl somehow managed to avoid any injury or even any scratches after the car she was riding in with her parents rolled over during a tornado Monday night in Van, Tex.

Andy and Brandi Bouchillon took their little girl, Bailey, out of their house and into a car to escape after warning sirens went off. Unfortunately, they immediately discovered they were smack in the middle of the twister, which rolled them over into a set of trees.

Brandi remained in the backseat with Bailey:

I just kept praying, I said, ‘God, please keep my baby alive, please keep her alive.’ I turned her car seat, I was holding it, and I just laid on top of it talking to her, telling her that it was going to be OK, and that she would be OK."

Somehow, Bailey not only slept through the entire ordeal, but she emerged without any sign she was in a tornado -- no injuries or scratches.

As Andy said, “God was looking out for us. Look at it. It speaks for itself. We really shouldn’t have walked away from that."

The good news didn't end there, either. On Wednesday, the family found their dog, Tater, who had been missing since Monday.

The news wasn't all good when it came to animals and the tornado, though.

A teen found the body of a man who died, with his dog -- who survived -- wrapped around his arms.


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