Just last Saturday, the Midwest Plains Regional Tournament - here in BisMan, was full of intense drama - Our Bismarck Capitals were down to their last 2 outs, behind 5-4 to the West Fargo 15-year olds, when a walk-off two-run single sent them to the championship game. This would be a re-match against Southeast Tropics, Missouri - the team that knocked them off 4-1 last Wednesday.

"Play Bismarck baseball"

The Capitals had a rough game last week - nerves got the best of them, errors were made, and they lost to Missouri 4-1 in their opener. Skyler Strand and Nick Hinsz, two 19-year old coaches with experience had the perfect words for their team - "Play Bismarck baseball". Yesterday morning the Caps had another shot, to redeem themselves and earn a trip to Eagle Pass, Texas.

"It's all yours"

Bismarck rested their hopes on the shoulders of pitcher Michael Fagerland. Did he have a tough time dealing with the pressure? I'm going to say "No". As Micheal methodically mowed down Missouri, going to the bottom of the seventh inning (last inning) Skyler walked out to the mound with some simple, but powerful encouragement "It's all yours". You see Fagerland needed 3 outs for a no-hitter, the ONLY thing that would stop that would be of course a base hit OR his pitch count. 15-year olds can only throw 95 pitches in a game. 91 was the end count, Michael got his NO-HITTER - a 5-0 gem! The Bismarck Capitals are Babe Ruth World Series Bound!

Next stop Eagle Pass, Texas

The Capitals will play in the World Series starting Wednesday. There will be ten teams total. I asked Skyler what his favorite moment was during the regionals - he told me that watching the kids that sat on the bench, motivating everyone from the players to the coaches even - textbook teamwork. Now the whole team will get a chance to experience lifetime moments - the very few who get to be at a World Series!

Much praise to Skyler Strand and Nick Hinsz

I'm so impressed by the poise from these two veteran coaches - there is a crucial moment when a pep talk is needed - to pump up your team, to make it clear that EVERY player contributes. When a young 15-year old is standing on the mound, looking at a scoreboard that is screaming "NO-HITTER", and he needs just 3 more outs to wrap it up, the perfect words from Sklyer to Michael "IT'S ALL YOURS" says so much! Good luck Bismarck Capitals - You've made us all proud already.


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