For those that refuse to take Mother Nature seriously, she has a crafty way of teaching you a lesson. She can fool you by "playing possum" for a while, kind of what we went through here in North Dakota lately. We walked outside in temps around the 20s - 30s took advantage of the mid-January fluke warm weather.

Well MAYBE she's not coming, MAYBE we'll have a record warm winter season - WRONG. According to KFYRTV a North Dakota couple planned on getting out of town for a bit, to seek protection from the frigid temps that were inevitable here in Bismarck - so they took off in their RV a couple of months ago, and drove to Austin Texas. Just to give you some quick facts about WHY they probably chose their getaway - In most years, Austin averages a daily maximum temperature for February that's between 61 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit (16 to 21 degrees Celsius). The minimum temperature usually falls between 42 and 48 °F (5 to 9 °C). The days at Austin warm steadily during February  (Info compliments of Google)

The Cote Van Rensburgs obviously had no clue that Texas of all places would get hit so hard by Mother Nature's wrath. Texas is slowly coming out of a historic deep freeze that left millions of residents without power and water for several days. Now the couple has relocated to a hotel for the second time this winter where they currently have electricity but are without running water, like so many in the state. “We kind of knew the drill. We were feeling like, ok the snow is coming on, we were low on gas that was our original thing was that our gas was out in our RV and there was no getting more until the following Tuesday" said Kayla Cote Van Rensburg.

No doubt the couple has their eyes on the climbing weather temps here in Bismarck.


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