The LARGEST non-profit single weekend slow-pitch softball tournament in the nation is back June 25-27 in Bismarck/Mandan!  All hail the Mighty McQuade!

Started way back in 1976 by Same McQuade senior, the tournament was created from Sam's drive to assist local charities.  As a father of a special needs child, Sam understood the difficulties faced by these hard working charities. So he organized a group of volunteers to put on the first tournament with 103 teams and only 4 divisions, it raised a thousand dollars and planted the seed that would grow to raise sooo much more.

The 46th Annual Sam McQuade Sr. Charity Softball Tournament is here to raise money for charity while raising spirits of participants and spectators alike. It's a massive annual event that we all could probably learn a little more lets do it!


Learn more about the schedule and event locations at, or McQuades on Facebook, or USA Patriots, then bring a chair and settle in for some softball fun!

Too much fun? Keep in mind ND Sober Ride will be providing discounted Lytf rides in both Bismarck and Mandan. This from KXNet.

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