The event

According to the Furry Friends Rockin' Rescue Facebook page, they are hosting a spay and neuter clinic tomorrow, April 1st and Saturday April 2nd. This is a great help to many, as they offer these services at a low-cost. The goal is to make spaying and neutering available to everyone. The event is set to take place in Mandan, at Riverwood RV starting at 7am.

Helping the community

If you don't know, Furry Friends Rockin' Rescue has been around for quite awhile. And... it's not a public facility or shelter you can visit. They're a non-profit, foster program for animals. It's run by volunteers who all share a common goal... to home and care for the animals in our community.

Something to Chew on:

Let's say you have one dog in your home. The weather is getting nicer, you're spending more time outdoors, and want to give your pup the same experience. She's well-behaved, the neighborhood is safe, and she knows her way home, so you decide to let her roam about. One day, you realize your furry friend is acting different and later find out she's pregnant. Now, let's imagine 100 people do the same thing. I'm sure you can see how that might create a problem.

Interesting facts:

According to, 2.7 million animals are euthanized by shelters due to lack of space. They also say one female dog can give birth to 12 to 18 puppies a year. Cats can have 20 to 27 kittens a year. Not only that, but the number of strays and abandoned animals continues to rise.

To participate:

It's $50 for cats and $100 for kittens. The guardian or owner does need to register their furry friend and a payment is required to confirm the appointment. So, it might be too late to participate in this one, but worry not, Furry Friends does host these type of events as much as they can.


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