The other day, after work, as I drove east on Main in Bismarck, I saw the sign for  Heavens Helpers Closet (701) - a nonprofit organization, providing free clothing and home items and a "boutique experience" to the Bisman community. When I looked at the sign, my mind read "Closet GOD," and I had to think about it for a minute because I knew the place was called "Closet (701)." It struck me that I never realized "(701)" could look like "GOD," and I have had that area code my entire life.


I decided to try to find some history to the North Dakota area code, only to find out that it does not go as deep as I thought. I did find a Wikipedia page which states that the (701) area code was one of the original 86 area codes created by AT&T in 1947. So, there does not appear to be a religious meaning to the number, as far as choosing it for the North Dakota area code goes.

The number itself does have a spiritual tie. Have you heard of "angel numbers"? Angel numbers relate to the spiritual world using "vibrational energy or frequency." Well + Good says that a person who frequently sees a certain number pattern is being guided through life by their angel.

You can see any pattern of numbers, and they are supposed to have meaning in your life. According to, "701" symbolizes many things like "spiritual development, progress, achievements, initiative ambition, confidence," and more. Learn the meaning behind more numbers here.

Do you have an "angel number" that you see frequently in your life?

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