We all considered it a "Mexican" restaurant, but Mark and Val Luna referred to it as "A Taste of New Mexico".  Sad to see it go...

Los Lunas

Strictly by chance I stumbled upon a notification that there was a huge auction being sponsored by Capital Restaurant Supply.  In just a mouse click, there it was- "Los Luna's Restaurant Auction in Bismarck".  Items listed include a walk-in-cooler, freezer, industrial oven, and so much more- 145 items to be exact.  You can find the entire item list by clicking here. You have until 7 PM Wednesday August 20th to get in your bids.

Mark and Val, launched Los Luna's in the Gateway Mall in the summer of 2013.  Years later, looking to expand their menu along with a suitable location for serving spirits, Los Lunas moved to 108 North Mandan Street in downtown Bismarck.  They set out to be a destination for not only great southwestern style dining, but also as an entertainment hub featuring a wide variety of margaritas, along with live music on their outdoor patio.

It was my great pleasure to be out on the patio for some of these live performances including another great Texas/New Mexico import- the "Next 2 The Tracks" band. Great to hear them bringing that southwestern Stevie Ray Vaughn guitar growl to the chilly Midwest.

I sent Mark a message to elaborate on the circumstances surrounding the closure, and at the time of writing this article, I have not  heard back.  So I'm not going to speculate, instead I'll simply reminisce, and truly miss those green hatch peppers that gave Los Luna's dishes such unique flavors.

I wish them well in their future endeavors.

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