It's one day only this Saturday from 9AM til 4PM at 4631 Memorial Highway. Bring your portable chairs and parasols because this is gonna be one goll-darned long day! The Colonial is selling it all! Will it be piled up and outside, OR will it be like cable TV's "Storage Wars"? Here's motel room number six- let's open the door and make a bid on the storage locker!  Do you go room to room to bid on the art on the wall? It's timeless Moteliana (Made that up..."American Pickers" sorta word). Obviously I watch too many cable shows about buying rusty motel gold.

OK, so whats for sale? Let's take a peek from Bis/Man Online Garage Sale on Facebook..

Let's break down why it's an all-day deal. What if they sell all the Bar signage right away at 9 AM? That's what you came for- but, you didn't get there until 10 AM and realized you had to park at Raging Rivers Water Park and make a Woodstock march to the auction grounds. Plus, now you remember you forgot your chair-in-a-bag. So, if you arrive and they're selling off their "Denver Mattresses" (what?) you'll need to be sitting for awhile.

The Colonial is selling down to the plastic cups and straws- maybe, even the little motel soaps. If you bring enough cash or I think they call it a "checkbook", you could make your man-cave/she-shed into a mini-Colonial. All you'll need is a few of Bis/Man's finest "River Rats" that ain't afraid to get "scrappy" on a Saturday night.

Hell, make a bid on the GAZEBO! Take all them memories home.

Thanks Colonial...Now go make you some money!


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