This may not come as a surprise to many women in Bismarck, but a recent study shows women still do a majority of household chores around the house in comparison to men.

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The study from Economic Times showed men are lazy! This study was conducted in Canada, but the news is quickly being thrown at the men in the United States. The bottom line of the results of the study, women do more household chores than their male partners, and it doesn't matter if the women work outside the house.

Several items were examined in the study between males and females. Several things were taken in account. Income, work hours for the couple, status and chores shared between children and adults.

The study followed participants in three stages of life. And the results showed that for couples at the age of 25 and at the lowest income stage, women tend to be the ones doing most of the chores around the home. At the age of 32, raising children and work hours outside the house, played a role in reducing the amount of household work chores, but yet, women are still doing a majority of the chores in comparison to men.

In short, the responsibility of household chores between men and women seem to remain consistent through every stage of life. In other words ladies, if your man is not doing much work around the house now, chances are, he's not going to change in the future.

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