America is known for its obesity crisis and penchant for lounging on the couch instead of getting up and doing anything physical. As it turns out, some cities perpetuate that stereotype more than others.

Men’s Health magazine has finally answered the age old question "What are the laziest cities in the country?" For the sake of those who just don’t have the ambition to look into it, we can tell you the rankings are based on a variety of factors, including data on amount of exercise residents do, how much television people watch, city promotions to get people to work out and money spent on video games.

If you’re too lazy to read on, let’s just get it out of the way: Jackson, Mississippi, the state's capital, has the dubious honor of finishing first. If you're wondering why it took the state so long to abolish slavery, it's probably not because anyone opposed. It's more likely no one in the capital could work up the effort to do all that paperwork.

Jackson led a surge of Southern cities that covers the top 10 from top to bottom, proving that a love of NASCAR, the need to eat barbecue and a burning desire to do nothing are all characteristics that tie these regions together.

Conversely, Portland, Oregon was named the most active city, ahead of Boise, Idaho, in a top 10 that has a distinct Western flavor.

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