Have women finally won the battle of the sexes?

A new British survey of 1,000 people has found men are missing a lot of basic skills the fairer sex would probably find helpful.

Forty-three percent of those surveyed said men are not as adept as women at many skills. The biggest talent men don’t seem to possess? The ability to buy clothes for their significant other, with more than half of all respondents saying that.

There is some good news because, as it turns out, men are good for some things. Seventy-three percent said they can change a tire, 60% said they can kill spiders and 56% admired their know-how when it comes to barbecuing.

Top 10 Skills Men Lack

1. Buying clothes for partner - 52%
2. Remembering anniversary - 41%
3. Dancing - 33%
4. Ironing - 31%
5. (tie) Cooking - 30%
5. (tie) Domestic chores - 30%
7. Buying gifts - 28%
8. (tie) Multi-tasking - 22%
8. (tie) Keeping up with fashion - 22%
10. Picking furniture - 21%

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