There may be a difference of opinion when it comes to expanding the Hospitality Resiliency Grant Plus to apply the HERG (Hospitality Economic Resiliency Grant) to now include hotels, motels, and such that meet the proper qualifications.

Lemme start the conversation by saying as a Minot native, and a Bismarck/Mandan resident, I dare say we may have overbuilt a bit on hotels.  Never a problem with too many hotels on Boardwalk and Park Place, but a bit of an issue when oil crews move out of the region, and the best rate you can charge is Baltic and Mediterranean.

But, suffice to say, with low travel numbers, hotels must be taking it hard in the hospitality industry. Without question, they are partners in the community, but I'm sure there are those locally, that may point to these dollars going more to "out-of-town" interests, unlike the previous HERG grants that appeared to go directly to our friend's restaurant.

But, there are thousands of our friends and neighbors that work in the hotel industry across the state and they should be granted the same protection provided their partners in the hospitality industry. This comes down to jobs and maintaining your job during pandemic times.

So the time to scramble for that grant money is now.

Applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis. Funding will be approved if the application meets all criteria and funding is available. Additional information is available at

The application time begins 10 AM on Tuesday and expires Friday December 18th at 5 PM.  It's free money if you meet the criteria...and if you do- make sure you maintain your employees and keep that cash in our communities.


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