You've likely already felt it, but the arctic air is seeping into the Dakotas and making temperatures and wind chills dangerously cold for this weekend.

More snow is scheduled to come in on Friday, from a storm coming in called Winter Storm Decima. Right now, the National Weather Service is calling for snow from late Thursday night into Friday night of 1-4 more inches. A high temperature on Friday will be 4 degrees, with a low of -14, and a wind chill of -25 and perhaps even lower.

Then Saturday, the temperatures will dip down to dangerously cold levels. Despite a mostly clear day, we expect a high of just -11 is expected, with a low of -23, while wind chills may dip lower than -30. Please take the necessary precautions during this time when the arctic air will seep down into the Bismarck area.

We will keep you updated as much as possible as this weather progresses.


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