Recently, KXNET reported an especially chilling story about the state of many of North Dakota's nursing homes and assisted living care centers.  The story centers on how these care facility's staff are being dangerously depleted by quarantining due to COVID-19 exposure.  They are literally pleading for help.  This story quote is from Reier Thompson, President and CEO of Missouri Slope.

“So what we’re asking and hoping is that there are people in the community that could help us, that could respond. We need the cavalry to come in and help us.”

It's a statewide problem but since the hot spot's right in our backyards, I'll try to keep the focus on our two counties.

KFYR-TV has just posted up the daily COVID numbers for North Dakota and they too are chilling.  Burleigh and Morton County continue to pull away from the rest of the state in terms of new cases and newly reported deaths. There were 8 new deaths with ages ranging from people in their 60s to their 90s.  Of those 8 deaths- 5 were from Burleigh and Morton County.  Out of 471 new cases reported- 118 were from Burleigh County and 43 were from Morton County.  A combined total of 161, well over one-third of the total cases in the state. In contrast, Cass County the home to Fargo and West Fargo, reported 78.

AP News reports that a Glen Ullin long-term care facility with 52 residents has an incredible positive testing rate.

Chris Jones, executive director of the state Department of Human Services, said Wednesday that of 52 residents in a long-term care facility in Glen Ullin, about 50 miles west of Bismarck-Mandan, only a half-dozen were spared from the virus. He called it “a function of fatigue, a function of community spread.

The story gives a brief breakdown of Governor Burgum's plan to actually send the cavalry- 200 nurses to meet some of the staffing needs across the state.

One more time with links to those three stories I'd suggest you read-

I think it's reasonable to ask that if you truly think that COVID-19 is a hoax, then, for goodness sake go get you a job at one of our struggling care facilities. I know a young lady who's very much a cynic and a doubter, and she just started at Missouri Slope. Good for her!




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