Someone is an absolute genius because they've invented something that sounds like possibly the greatest thing in the history of technology, a Bacon Vending Machine.

It's exactly what it sounds like. You put money in the vending machine, and you receive ready-to-eat bacon. This is a real thing at Ohio State University (or for OSU alumni, 'The Ohio State University').

It's like the dream. A bacon vending machine actually exists. And yes, it's real bacon from companies such as Hormel Foods, Sugardale Foods, and Smithfield Foods.

Ohio State has this bacon vending machine just in time for finals, located in the university's animal science building at the College Of Food, Agricultural And Environmental Sciences.

For just $1, you can purchase a 12-pack of ready-to-eat bacon or you can have the option of selecting a pouch of bacon bits. Apparently, all proceeds go to the Ohio State's Meat Science program. What the...? There's such a thing as a Meat Science program? I have so many questions. Like, can you major in Meat Science? I seriously want to know. It sounds fascinating. However, I'll let that stir a little bit, we have bacon vending machines to discuss.

The bacon vending machine was installed by the Ohio Pork Council at the university and is only temporarily available until December 13th.

Is it possible to get these in North Dakota? I mean, bacon seems to make everything better. Maybe it could make the school/work day better if we have the convenience of bacon in the lunch and/or break room vending machines up here in the Peace Garden State. Maybe we can even get the North Dakota Pork Council on board with this (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)??? I'm just saying, the idea's out there, let's make it happen and bring home the bacon (yes, that was a pun, sorry PETA).

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