I love my bacon, usually in the morning I pick up a bacon croissant at Hardee's on the way to the radio station.   I love bacon on a cheeseburger, and even on a baked potato, butter and bacon bits are my personal favorite.   Now I've found out, it may help me live a long life---whoo hoo!     Even now, I'm achin' for bacon!!    Get a load of this story!!


Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

105-year-old Pearl Cantrell of Texas has found the fountain of youth ... and you can fry it up in  pan.

Pearl credits bacon for her long life. She says she eats it every day and claims she's lived this long because of – not in spite of – eating the sizzling stuff as often as possible.

And who are we to say it hasn't helped her?

Pearl has outlived three of her seven kids, took up fencing at 85 and even rode her bike until she hit 100 years old.

The moral of this story? Add eating "the candy of meats" to your list of rules for a long life. (Yahoo)

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