We Love Bacon
Bacon is amazing. This is universally agreed upon. That fat. The grease. The sound it makes when it cooks. You can have it with breakfast or on a burger or as a snack. It doesn't matter. It's bacon.
Even Thieves Love Bacon
Let's be honest...We all love bacon. Do you love it enough, though, to break into a house just to cook it? That's what one suspect in Bismarck did.
Long Live Bacon!!! YES!!!
Love bacon?  Consider it the tastiest of meats?   I love bacon and I have some terrific news to share with you, and all I can say it "Whoo Hoo!!!'
Love Bacon + Live A Long Life???
I love my bacon, usually in the morning I pick up a bacon croissant at Hardee's on the way to the radio station.   I love bacon on a cheeseburger, and even on a baked potato, butter and bacon bits are my personal favorite.   Now I've found out, it may help me live a lon…
Ballpark offering bacon-shell taco
All I can say is that you had better have A LOT of napkins. I would try this....
Seriously, click the link and look at the picture of the taco and tell me your mouth doesn't water!
Bacon is a meat of the gods — a perfectly greasy man-snack that's acceptable in any and all situations. For starters, there's bacon shaving cream, bacon maple ale and a meaty, bacon coffin. You name it, we're on board. Of course, the best way to enjoy the salty strips …