The key to life, in my opinion, is doing what you LOVE to do. There is nothing worse than working at a job you absolutely can't stand. The agonizing moments of stress and feeling like you are stuck at a "dead-end job". I remember in high school, I took some aptitude tests to apparently give me some possible insight into what career would be the best fit for me. I don't think it worked, yet somehow someway I found my ideal job - working in broadcasting. I realized just recently how lucky I am, for most people just go through the motions, and really aren't happy with their career. When I saw the headlines of a baseball coach returning back to his team after a family emergency, I tried to put myself in Rick Forney's shoes. He is the baseball manager of the Winnipeg Goldeyes - American Association. In February, he lost his oldest son, 22-year old David Forney, he died from complications due to a sudden cardiac arrest. The shock of losing someone so young is beyond my imagination. The funeral was in March, and shortly after, Rick could not return to his job because of COVID-19. The worse possible painful situation, quarantined at home, grieving over his loss, watching his three other kids devastated over their older brother, AND not being able to return to the job he loves. Therapy comes in different ways for people and getting back to work, to somehow grasp back some form of normalcy was what he desperately needed the most. The Goldeneyes and Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks are sharing Newman Outdoor Field for the shortened season. Rick's players are paying their respects by wearing David's number ( his number 68 he wore while playing with Navy ) on the Goldeneyes helmets. Rick will never lose sight of his son - My hope is that the crack of a bat, smell of fresh green grass, and a good old fashioned "Play Ball" wrap around him like a warm blanket and soothe his soul. For more on this story click here.


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