As you are likely aware, the annual McQuade Softball Tournament is this weekend in the Bismarck-Mandan area.

Games will take place between June 24 and June 26 and people from all parts of the country will be in town to participate.

This of course is a great thing. People from outside the region will be introduced to the beautiful cities of Bismarck and Mandan while giving a boost in business to our local hotels, restaurants, gas stations and more.

But with a lot of new people in the area, it means roads will be more crowded and it could lead to more traffic. Additionally, as people are trying to navigate the area and look for street names, it may cause them to drive a little bit slower than you would like.

The City of Bismarck is asking that you be patient with the new people in the area and to plan accordingly.

Try not to use your car horn this weekend. Give our visitors the benefit of the doubt. And of course expect to have some extra wait times at restaurants this weekend.

Lastly, not that we don't trust our new friends, but if you have grown accustomed to leaving your car door unlocked, this weekend may be a good time to lock it and leave any valuables out of plain view.

Let's show the guests to our area how great the people of Bismarck-Mandan really are!

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