Aside from golf, fishing and spending time on the Missouri River sand bars, one of my favorite Summer past times is playing softball.  I love softball!  Unfortunately, I had to take a couple of year hiatus from one of my favorite sports due to a ruptured bi-cep tendon and shoulder surgery on my throwing arm.  Now that everything is healed and strengthened and better than new (thank you Dr. Pierce), I am looking forward to getting back on the field.  While sidelined, I really enjoyed watching my wife play and the McQuade's Tournament.

With this year's softball season in limbo, The organizers of the McQuade Charity Softball Tournament have said that, "There will be no middle ground, no half field, no partial McQuade Charity Softball Tournament this summer in Bismarck."  I tend to agree with that decision.  One of the best parts of the tournament is seeing friends who come from all over North Dakota.  I grew up playing in Grand Forks and being able to play against and hang out with old teammates is one of the things I most look forward to at McQuade's.  

Whether the tourney takes place or not, I support the oganizers, put on the full tournament or none at all.  If McQuade's and this year's softball season don't take place, I'll just be taking a mulligan.

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