No, he cannot.  Tell him North Dakota!

North Dakota

That's my buddy Gavin...

So, is it a cop-out for me to make the claim that I truly do not have a dog in this fight?  Well, I don't. Other than- I'm a big fan of North Dakota.  Clearly, it's Biden vs Trump which is taking place in North Dakota (apparently in other states as well)  But, it was a better headline "Biden vs North Dakota", and I believe there is a perspective there as well.

I wrote a story of how North Dakota was once pretty politically blue.  As a lifelong North Dakotan, I thought it was a pretty good snapshot of our political past.  Plus, I got to refer to current US Senator John Hoeven as "Stache".  Still makes me chuckle.  Missed the story? After this story, you can read it below.

Now, I'm not saying that North Dakota was ever a shade of Walter Mondale Minnesota blue, but we have a past of not just voting republican for every position. But President on the other hand...well, the Biden campaign is bucking history on that one.

The Electoral College is what decides races.  I present as evidence- our current President. But until that antiquated relic of an election system is reformed, it's really the only statistic that matters. So let's go back and review the presidential red versus blue.

We became a state in 1889 and the blue has only represented in the following years

Seems to be a red/blue split in it a tie.

The blue wins the North Dakota Electoral College in these years






Democrats have a record of 5-26-1 in presidential elections, and haven't won in 56 years.

Maybe Kamala Harris pushes him over the top?

Maybe in Fargo.

A Short History Of The Red And The Blue



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