The inaugural season for the Bismarck Larks is over.

The season ended on Sunday with a walk-off win. It was a pitching duel and the Larks won in the bottom of the ninth 1-0. It was the same exact way the Larks won in their first ever game.

Highlights from the final game of the season can be seen here.

The win gave the Larks their third straight win. Despite their recent success though, it wasn't enough to propel Bismarck into the postseason. The Larks finished the season in 6th place in the Northwoods North Division and an overall record of 31-40.

Ten of this season's Larks players are entering their senior year of college this year. In other words, next summer, those ten players will no longer be in college and therefore no longer eligible to participate in the Northwoods League.

Six of the 10 players are pitchers and both catchers on the roster are entering their senior years. That means next season we can expect a bunch of new pitchers in Bismarck as well as new players behind the plate.

The remaining two players leaving the team are outfielders.

7-Game Ticket packages are already available for purchase for the 2018 season here.

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