I have a new HERO, now this man can't fly like Superman, he doesn't have a cool utility belt like Batman, AND last I checked there are no webs he spins like Spiderman. I introduce you to Matthew Wurnig. Guys, if this man is not your role model by the time you finish reading this blog then something is way wrong. Are you ready???

My main man went on 50 dates across all 50 states!!! According to  Inforum.com, his brilliant idea started on the dating app Tinder. "I was doing my thing swiping through and a notification popped up and it said that you could put your location anywhere in the U.S. for free, and obviously I was in North Dakota at the time so I was like, 'Lets see who's in L.A., let's see who's in Dallas and New York,'" 

So you see how this is working out? Brilliant. There are think tanks all over the world, filled with so-called geniuses, and not ONE of them ever thought of this inspirational scheme. Since Matt could not be out and about because of COVID-19, he started to ask his matches out on Zoom dates, but the greatness didn't stop there. He started to post his adventures on TikTok and quickly became known as the TikTok bachelor. When his last virtual date ended, the most common question from his 166,000 followers was "Now what?"

Matthew quit his job, got his truck wrapped with his "50 Dates 50 States" logo and hit the road to meet all of his virtual dates in person. Wait that can't be cheap right? This man knows how to roll, he has some sponsors helping him -  TikTok Creator Fund and even a "50 Dates 50 States" merchandise store. Do you want to see how he is doing? Simple - click here for his progress 50Dates50States.com



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