As predicted by yours truly back in May...Bismarck Public Schools announced last night they will be moving to a "Hybrid" learning schedule with both in person classes and online learning.  Mandan Public Schools made the same announcement earlier this week with one major difference.�� Elementary schools will be in person classes ONLY.  Bismarck Public Schools will have ALL pre-K-12 students start school in Hybrid mode.

This will get a lot of working parents scrambling to find daycare for 2 or 3 days of week.  Something that is no doubt going to be difficult for parents with young children.  The vote last night by the Bismarck School Board was a close one too.  The vote was 3 to 2 to start school August 31st in a Hybrid AB-AB day mode versus Face-to-Face.

The Superintendent Jason Hornbacher made the recommendation to start the school year at Level 3 Hybrd.  As you may have guessed, our increasing number of COVID-19 cases in the city, and in Burleigh and Morton Counties were mentioned as a big factor.  Also, he cited the increasing number of coronavirus cases among BPS staff.   Superintendent Jason Hornbacher said, "As a community, we need to do all we can to lower our numbers.  Dr. Hornbacher also made the comment, if BPS opens face-to-face all week, the district won't be able to sustain that model very long.

Other notes from the meeting.  Buses may be limited based on driver availability.  Bismarck Public Schools in conjunction with Bismarck Burleigh Public Health requires the use of face masks when 6-foot social distancing cannot be maintained.  Reporting to work or school sick or symptomatic is prohibited.

As a parent with a child in BPS this is somewhat disappointing.  However, it beats the alternative in my opinion.  No in person classes at all.


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