North Dakota coronavirus response would get a major face-lift if Bismarck plastic surgeon Rick Becker filled the new Chief Health Officer vacancy. Over the weekend, the Bismarck Tribune had a very interesting report regarding State Representative Rick Becker. It seems he's already applied for the position, but it's contingent on acceptance of his "ten point plan". Becker has dubbed the plan #FreedomNotFearND. To say it's a radical departure is an understatement.

He would follow in the foot steps of former Interim Chief Health Officer Paul Mariani who quit the job after only 12 days. Mariani decided to ditch the position after being thrown under the bus following the rescinding of the controversial "quarantine after contact" edict. The idea that violating curfew could lead to fines and criminal charges wasn't sitting too well with the voting public.

Not too well at all.

Kind of feel sorry for the guy as everyone else quickly washed their hands of the whole darn thing.

So now after losing our THIRD Chief Health Officer since the start of the pandemic, who's going to jump into the 'revolving door" that is the CHO position?

Could be Rick Becker- if the state agrees to his demands. Pretty clever move if you want to avoid being under the BUS!  Becker's "ten point plan" appears to echo the comment section of any COVID conversation on social media. At a glance it seems he's more or less proposing that we just sneak back to exactly how it was before the pandemic and just kinda take it from there. Not a Smart Restart but more of a "Hope It Works Better This Time" Restart.

Becker's not real confident that Governor Burgum would be willing to accept his demands, but it doesn't hurt to try.

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