Democratic candidate Katrina Christiansen of Jamestown has plans to run for Senate in 2022. Maybe because someone has to do it?

Before I get accused of political bias, let me return to a headline of a recent story I wrote...

"Bismarck's Rick Becker Heading for Historical Political Beatdown"

Oh my goodness but did that elicit some red hot replies in the comment sections.  But seriously, Republican Rick Becker is challenging Senator John Hoeven and his massive political machine.  But to be fair, Katrina is taking on Hoeven as well.  Unless of course, Rick Becker pulls a sneaky and upsets a sitting Senator. Whether it's Becker or it's Hoeven, the headline still pretty much reads the same...

"Jamestown's Katrina Christianson Heading For Historical Political Beatdown"

Democrats only hold a handful of state legislative seats, I don't see any scenario where a democratic candidate succeeds in getting to the U.S. Senate from North Dakota. Heidi Heitkamp shocked us all by sneaking into the Senate in 2012.  Republicans pretty much boarded up that backdoor.  But for fun, let's go ahead and take a listen to what she has to say in her announcement on the Katrina Christiansen YouTube Channel.

Katrina is a Nebraska native with a Ph.D. in agricultural engineering and biorenewable resource and technology.  This is her first run for elected office. This is from Monday's announcement...

 “I will be a strong, independent voice for all North Dakotans as your next senator,”  “I have been proud to call North Dakota my home, and to raise a family here – and more than anything, I want to help build a better future for them. I want my neighbors to have a senator who’ll see them, who will listen to them and value them.”

Pretty standard stuff.  Just like I wished Rick Becker success in his campaign and life in general, I wish the very best for Katrina Christiansen and her lovely family.  Let me just add one thing...

John Hoeven won his reelection bid in 2016 with 78% of the vote. DREAM BIG!

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