What do engineering and donuts have in common? Could it be that the sweetness delivers a spark to the brain of those that create useful and wonderful things in our world? Close, but wrong. How about this, what if an innovative mind came up with a donut that grabbed all of our attention? The shape and design are not as easy as one would think. So the brainchild who came up with this idea needs to receive a medal of some sort or a delicious treat that resembles one. According to KFYRTV, the second graders from Grimsrud Elementary School just last month were given the sticky task to create a new type of donut to sell at Bearscat Bakehouse. The hope was to raise money for a new playground. The donut shop would choose a winner. What a great social studies project, good for the mind and the stomach. Tania Schroder, their teacher, knew exactly what the rewards and completion of this task would be for her kids “To work hard, be a good member of the community to learn how they can work to earn the things that they want and need and how working also helps other people in the community" 

The kids were total rock stars, they put their brains to the test, submitted their creations and Bearscat chose second-grader Calvin Romero’s design. A clever Grizz Pop! A donut resembling the BombPop popsicle - cherry - vanilla - blue raspberry icing. Click here to see for yourself the magic that came from Calvin's hands. His excellent work went on sale today and will finish up tomorrow at the Bakehouse.


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