You know that weird feeling you get, something is missing, but you're not sure what it is. While driving to work, your mind keeps teasing you -"Why do I feel amiss?" Then out of nowhere, you realize you forgot your cell phone - which is so strange since to most people their smartphone is like part of their body. I can only imagine the horror Bismarck's Trina Burns went through just recently.

According to KFYRTVTrina went through the motions of a normal day at work - American Trust Center -  at the end of the day she realized her wedding ring was missing. This is when panic sets in. Where could it be? Time to retrace all the places you may have been. "I thought I must not have put it on that morning. When I got home, I looked for a little bit and then I panicked a little and then started tearing everything apart,”  Clearly the ring of almost 32 years old was packed with emotions, and memories. The frantic search continued, with no luck at home.

A true test of "North Dakota Nice" was about to shine bright -  for the next morning while working from home, she called a co-worker - Alyssa Hanson - and asked if she could look around the workplace for her ring. Hanson did more than that, she and three other colleagues searched every bit of trash there was, EVEN going so far as taking a dive into the dumpster outside. Roaming through rubble was the theme. By the end of the day however no luck, disappointment set it. "I never thought I’d see it again,”

Never give up hope, the next day her ring was found, in the parking lot where she works - her parking spot is #24, someone picked it up at #23.

It's a beautiful thing when you are looking at a ring you cherish so much, and even more wonderful is having good solid people who would do literally anything for you - "Would you dig through a dumpster for your coworkers?” Trina said.

She found out that answer to her own question in a textbook "North Dakota Nice" gesture!.


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