Last Saturday night, a young man lost his life here in Bismarck. KFYRTV went on to report that 21-year-old Tanner Hushka of Bismarck was killed in a train crash that occurred around midnight Sunday. Police have gathered some information that Hushka went around the train barricade that is there for protection, and was hit. There are some witnesses that say he was trying to beat the train to get to where he was going - obviously a fatal mistake. This happened in the 100 Block of South 5th Street.

A couple of things, one, I can't even begin to imagine the horror his parents went through when they found out the news. Such a young life ended. Two, what about the complete shock the train's engineer is probably still living with? This terrible accident became public, the news story posted on Facebook. This is where Social Media can be a monster. Most comments I have read from people are of true concern - some asked in this public group forum if anyone knew more about this young man. The response to that question was riddled with just flat-out negative comments. "What does it matter? Let the family mourn in peace" 

Some have wanted to know more about this story. Their genuine concern is for an answer, in hopes of stopping something like this from happening again. So why not just let people voice their opinion? Why take cheap potshots at them? WHY feed negative, nasty remarks? What possible good can anything come of it? There is a simple expression that hits it right on the head - "If you don't have anything nice to say DON'T say it".

My hope is that all involved, witnesses, the train's engineer, friends of the victim, and his poor family can find peace and have the pain go away.

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