How does this not stop you right in your tracks?

This was just put out about 4 hours ago ( around 8:00 am, October 20, 2021 ) on the Bismarck Police Department Facebook page. My first reaction was to stop what I was doing and take a good look at the photo. Could be any of the kids I see in my neighborhood, but this one is clearly a lost soul. Do we just glance at these posts that come out from time to time and then move on with our day? Unfortunately, we do, and that's sad.

Looking at all the stats on this Bismarck Police Department Flyer brings back a flood of memories

Just sit still and take a couple of seconds to read about Lee Wilson. he is only 15 years old. Missing since October 14th, and reported as a runaway 2 days later. Remember being his age? Going through the stress of everyday life, and at that age only compounds things twice over. I have no information about his relationship with his family, or what made him want to disappear, I can say though the people who love him must be going through such pain. This is not the first time I have seen and read information about a child who has run away, but for some reason, this one has really got me thinking.

Holding on to our family through thick and thin

I can only think back to when I was Lee's age. I had my small pocket of friends I hung out with, my parents had separated, it was a pretty simple innocent time. I did know this,  even though my mom and dad were apart, they loved me for who I was.

I'm hoping for all the best for Lee and his family

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