When I say "Pickleball", what image pops into your head? A high school dance maybe, where all the nerds sat around nervously eating pickles? Well, there is a sport in town that has a combination of three of your favorite events rolled into one. It demands a little cardio action, less wear and tear on your body, and just a ton of fun. If you find yourself a fan of table tennis, badminton, and tennis, then pickleball is calling your name. According to KFYRTVthere are pickle players flooding the courts at Bismarck’s Capital Racquet and Fitness. This is a sport you can completely absorb yourself into, and also keep up on your social skills. Roberta Beadell started playing around a year ago and today she is hooked - you might call her a "Pickle Fanatic". She gets out there 2-3 times a week and the courts can get very busy - “We are at capacity with pickleball during our prime times in the afternoons and mornings"  said Katrina Hanenberg, facilities specialist at Capital Racquet and Fitness.

The picklers use paddles just a tad bigger than what they use for ping pong, Wiffle balls are what they serve and hit back to one each other. The pace is slower than tennis, but the design of the game is pretty much the same. The popularity of the pickle is so much so that they actually offer pickleball classes you can sign up for. No word on if the players enjoy perrier water and pickles after their match is complete. If you find yourself "in a pickle" and you want more info, you can head to bisparks.org.


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