It's a thing called "Petal It Forward" and many of our favorite florists are participating in this one-day floral frenzy on Wednesday, October 20th.  It's the concept of "Pay It Forward" with a decidedly different floral flair.  Social media is filled with so many positive accounts of people paying for someone else's meal and how that good deed gets paid forward.

Well Wednesday, October 20th will mark the 6th year of the "Petal It Forward" campaign designed by the Society of American Florists.  Not all florists participate in this annual event and for those that do participate, they may execute it differently.

Ultimately the outcome is the same.  Get a flower- get a flower.


Some flower shops invite you to come in and pick up flowers yourself.  You may get two free flowers, you may get two free bouquets, you may be at a florist not participating, which is their prerogative but by all means contact your florist first.

Some florists take Petal It Forward out on the streets.

Florists can partner with local civic groups to randomly distribute the flower pairs with the understanding recipients understand they are to Petal It Forward to hopefully another random person.


I had a conversation with Jessica Berg from Bismarck's Dutch Mill Florist and she explained that they have a crew that will be sent out on Wednesday with flowers aplenty.

"Petal It Forward, My favorite!  It's a really smiley, fun event.  We just love it.  I think really small gestures matter.  Kindness without reason matters...and I'm really looking forward to it"

So here's hoping tomorrow finds you the victim of a random act of kindness and the blessing of being able to Petal It Forward.

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