These subjects are pretty much guaranteed to stir up any social media beehive- mask requirements, MAGA hats, BLM T-shirts, and going back to school.  The comment sections fill pretty furiously with sincere passion from all sides of the issues.

Both Bismarck and Mandan Public School Districts sent out surveys to parents and school employees to check the temperature of their constituents before making plans for student school reentry in the fall of 2020.

Hopefully a positive consequence of this spring's Distance-Learning was engaging parents more directly with their children's schools. The school districts are encouraging even more engagement as they seek to map the way back to something that feels like an actual school year.

How big were the surveys? In the case of Bismarck Public Schools, it was over 12,000 parents and 1,600 staff. Bismarck's survey results can be found here.  If you want the kids to feel like they're already back in school, just have them break down all those graphs!

Mandan Public Schools had a more streamlined survey whose results can be found here and here.

In many issues like this one, the "straw that stirs the drink" is found in the comment sections. Here you can find the factors and opinions that drive people's passions.

Keep that passion and continue to engage with your school districts.  The invitation is there to be inclusive in decisions involving the path forward. Your voices are needed as that path may have to make many unexpected turns along the way.

Stay healthy y'all.

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