Why don't you just go fly a kite!

In the old-timey days, people would tell someone that phrase just so they would stop bothering them.They meant it to be rude, but I say...heck ya, let's go fly a kite!

You can do just that this Memorial Day Weekend!  The bigger the kite the better!  Actually, just the fact that you're there with your family and a few small kites...the better! This is the event that all families are looking for as a great one day escape from wherever you are...and tell you what?  You can make you're own darn kites.  I'm sharing this weeks away from the event and the internet gives you a million insights into making kites outta household items.


But, I digress...people will be there with thousand dollar kites that will blow your minds! (kids too).

Witness the power of a pandemic.  In May of 2020 with much consternation, regret, and sorrow (I'm reading between the lines) The Garrison Convention and Visitors Bureau together with Fort Stevenson State Park called off the kite festival for 2020.

I'm just suspecting all State Parks were closed in May for the pandemic?


Thing is...cancelling was OK, the SKY FEST is so much more than just socially distancing kite flying.  There's kite workshops that'll teach you a thing or two about getting your "tail" in order.  (I think that's important).

So you want to rule the skies and have you and your kids launch a monster in the sky?  There's plenty of good tips and great kite fliers at the 2021 SKY FEST spanning three days May 29th-31st from 10 til 4.

Seriously, put together a project and go have a good time.  Maybe even go camping!

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