Residents in Bismarck's beautiful HIghland Acres have already begun to see history geeks sneaking around their streets and sidewalks.  They're taking notes and will take those notes back to compare them in their history clubhouse. The notes are all about architecture and housing characteristics. So there's more than notes, they'll be taking pictures too.  So before you call the police, these folks are connected to the North Dakota State Preservation Office and are compiling this info to decide whether or not Highland Acres has a shot at getting into the National Register of Historic Places district.

Don't know where Highland Acres is?  It's the area west of Tom O'Leary golf course and south of Bismarck State College.  A lot of uniquely constructed homes and cul-de-sacs that make a bike trip or a walk around a pleasant experience.  But are once revolutionary cul-de-sacs going to solidify Highland Acres inclusion in the record books? Meh, probably not.  But it's residents just might!  Check out the list!

Many of Bismarck’s influential residents have lived or currently live in Highland Acres. Influential people associated with Highland Acres include former Bismarck Mayor Robert Heskin; oil man and philanthropist Frank Bavendick; Republican National Committee Chairwoman and political figure Geridee Wheeler; foreign-born Dutch Resistance fighter Dr. Pieter Smeenk; and attorney William Strutz.

Hmmm...I think my pal Beth lives there.  They should lead with her as she's super cool.

Well, I'll have to try and remember the good folks that live in Highland Acres just as they are today...before they all turn into pretentious snobs. Because, that's what's gonna happen. As a member of a historical district, you get to throw your weight around the entire neighborhood.  Before protesting was so darn popular, some residents of the Cathedral District were carrying signs to prevent construction of a tiny house on a private landowners property. Read about that here.  So, Highland Acres, according to history maybe your ownership won't be so private anymore.

But you still have to vote for inclusion.

Here's a link to the press release

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