This from the City of Bismarck late afternoon on Tuesday 12/14

Starting Wednesday, December 15, 2021 after 8:00 am, the intersection of Washington Street and Rosser Avenue traffic signal will be out of service for repairs due to damage caused by a contractor working in the area. All traffic movements will be reduced to one lane on each approach to the intersection.

During peak traffic periods, drivers can anticipate longer than normal delays and congestion on Washington Street and Rosser Avenue.  

Drivers are asked to modify their travel routes and seek alternate routes.

Your patience is greatly appreciated!

So that's gonna be rough.  I'm very familiar with this area of Bismarck and knowing this...I will be far far away until they get that straightened out. Seriously, be warned.

How about other things to worry about during the holiday season?

Speaking of being any unknown holiday company coming to your place?

Here's an easy way to check if someone in your holiday house has a warrant for their arrest...

It's called ND Public and the good news is...I came out clean!

Thing is, I should be just the guy investigating my daughter's new fella.  But straight up- I would never ever do that.  The only way I need to know this guy (let's call him Steve), is what I see in him as a man, and where things progress from here.  Might be my only daughter's guy, but it's her call all the way. So far, a heck of a guy.

But y'know, if you're a "put your nose in someone's business" sorta person then go ahead and snoop at ND Records dot org.

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