According to a press release from the Bismarck Police Department, a bomb threat was called into a very popular shopping destination in Bismarck.

The south Bismarck Walmart location located at 2717 Rock Island Pl was the business that received the bomb threat.

Google Maps Screenshot
Google Maps Screenshot

Bismarck Police responded to the call from south Walmart.  The call came into the Central Dakota Communications around 7:50 am on Thursday, February 9th.

The south Walmart store's management then made the decision to evacuate the store.  Members of the Bismarck Police Bomb Squad and the Bismarck Police Department then assisted management with clearing the store of any dangers.

No bombs were located after an extensive search by the two agencies.  The store was then deemed safe to re-enter.

The preliminary investigation has led the Bismarck Police Department to believe that it was a scam call.  This call was possibly from a spoofed phone number and the individual was trying to scam money from the south Walmart location.

The investigation by the Bismarck Police Department is ongoing.

As we receive more information on this matter we will continue to update you.


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