Congrats to Nicci Johnson and for introducing us to a North Dakota charity I had no idea existed.  The nonprofit is called  North Dakota Giving Company and they have a very specific mission- brighten Christmas for North Dakota children who have lost a parent or sibling that died in service to our country.  Callie Wachendorf Lunde's organization is entering it's sixth year of doing this fantastic work.

But like so many nonprofit organizations, the pandemic has put a damper on their fundraising and exposure in 2020. I hope to do my part to spread the word that stocking's need stuffing.  On the North Dakota Giving Company Facebook page , Callie explains how they partner with survivor outreach programs in the state to identify these kids whose soldier parents are no longer with them.  In 2020, 19 kids statewide have been recognized and contacted to participate in this incredibly worthy cause.

Gift cards will be the preferred present this holiday season, which is perfect as these young folks know the games, toys, books, and clothes  that they really want.  Actually the North Dakota Giving Company has listed these children's requests on their Facebook page.  I can only guess reading the gift list will emotionally impact you as much as it did me.  All the contact info you need to participate is on the Facebook page.

Their parent lost their life so we can live ours.  ND Giving Company is providing a very personal way to say thanks.

Here's the wish lists

9.5  yo Girl - Horse riding, anything spy/mystery, Legos, fastpitch softball, reading, computer coding, plays guitar, likes singing

Favorite place to shop- Barnes and Nobel

18 yo girl- Basketball, Track javelin, NDSU-Clothes
Favorite place to shop – Scheels, Ulta
14 yo girl - horses, basketball, Volleyball, rodeo
Favorite place to shop – Scheels, Target, Starbucks
14 yo boy - Denver Broncos, soccer and Ps4 games
Favorite place to shop - Scheels, Game Stop
 14 yo boy- Nintendo switch games, wireless earbuds
Favorite place to shop? Scheels, Game Stop-
17 yo boy - video games on X-box, football
Favorite shopping place – Scheels and Gamestop
18 yo girl - Lights for dorm room, decorations
Likes to shop at Target/Amazon/Scheels
15 yo girl - Likes to watch and attend PBR
Likes to shop at most stores in Kirkwood/Scheels
5 yo girl - Barbies and everything that goes with them, would like a Barbie house, read books.
Shops at Old Navy/Macy’s
12 yo boy - Anything superhero (marvel or DC), movie nights, likes to learn about weather in all forms
Shops at Target
11 yo girl - Minecraft & roblox on her iPad, sweatshirts size large & ‘fluffy’ blankets & clothes
Enjoys shopping at Target/Walmart
17 yo girl - Fashion/clothes-makeup. Loves music
Favorite shopping – West Acres/Online
 9 yo boy - Minecraft, legos, anything he can build, outside games
Shopping at West acres/Walmart
13 yo boy - Basketball, xbox,
Shop at scheels or the mall.
12 yo boy - Army tanks, Xbox
Shop at scheels or the mall.
11 yo boy - Video games/learning about history –presidents, specifically Teddy Roosevelt, and WWII
Shops at Target/Walmart/GameStop
15 yo girl - Art, music, and figure skating, hydro flask, Spider-Man hoodie size Large, guitar tuner, oil paints
Enjoys shopping at Hottopic
13 yo girl - Star Wars, movies, decorating/organizing, R2D2 Knit pillow buddy, hydro flask, 2 lightsabers (red, green, or blue), Obi Wan’s lego hut
Enjoys shopping at Hobby Lobby and Target
13 yo girl - Basketball, volleyball, softball. Rocks and animals.
favorite place to shop- Target
Told y'all you'd be touched.

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