So, how is Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz spending the team's bye week? By bowhunting in North Dakota, of course.

Wentz posted the following photograph on social media Wednesday evening (9/28), showing off the trophy buck he snagged while visiting his home state:

As you can see, Wentz thanked North Dakota Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Burgum for 'the help.' Burgum, of course, responded:

Next up for Wentz, a possible trip to Fargo for North Dakota State's homecoming. The Bison host Illinois State this Saturday at the FargoDome. Though the quarterback hasn't stated that he'll be in attendance, many assume he will be.

Until then, Wentz will probably continue to spend time with his trusty bow in the North Dakota wilderness, away from all of the hoopla that might surround a NFL rookie starting quarterback that has led his team to three consecutive wins to start the season.


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