I am not hating on winter, because I actually kind of enjoy cold weather. But Mother Nature is giving us one frigid shoulder at the moment. It was so cold this past weekend, and a North Dakota teenager decided she wanted to do a fun cold-weather outdoor experiment. She froze a bowl of piping hot Ramen noodles in minutes!

Fox 32 (Chicago) is reporting that a Dickinson teenager wanted to show the world just how cold North Dakota got over the weekend. Isis Sio and her mother, Erin Sio, posted a video of the teen eating Ramen noodles while standing outside. But it was so cold, that the noodles were suspended in the air, being held up by floating chopsticks!

Isis and Erin told Fox 32 that the noodles and chopsticks did take about 20 minutes to fully freeze from boiling. You can check out the full video here.

Fox 32 is also reporting of the wicked winter weather that is going on in other states right now. While we are hating this bitter cold, several states are in states of emergency because of their weather. There was even a horrific 100-car pile-up in Fort Worth, Texas. Global News reports that at least six were killed and dozens more were injured. Learn more about the story here. WARNING: Video may be disturbing to some viewers.

I saw some wild weather-related wrecks when I lived in Colorado. In most places, if you slid around, you would most likely end up at the bottom of somewhere steep. Sometimes, even driving safely can't help a person in these terrifying and horrible accidents.

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