Bismarck, y'all ready to connect your consciousness through creative emersion? Well, are you?

It's sad to say that when my snarky sarcasm teams up with my inner skepticism, I come off as a boorish fool whose utterances are better left unsaid.  So out of respect for my buddy Kim Olson and her Sacred Center Yoga studio and Ardent Art center, I'm going to give you a relatively snark-free description of what's going down this Saturday in Kiwanis Park in Bismarck.

The event is named Conscious Rays, and is an annual celebration of the summer solstice.  It's the longest day of the year don't ya know. There's activities for all ages throughout the day- including a floral labyrinth and interactive tree art. You can create your own art with NIcole in addition to participating in a community collaborative painting.

Musical entertainment from Kris Kitco will have adults and kid's singing along.  There's local craft vendors and Conscious Rays is taking place in tandem with the weekly BisMarket so there's plenty more to see, do and shop.

Saturday may be a great chance for us to discover a way to transcend some of the petty problems we possess and tap into a greater stream of...

OK, I'm going to stop right there and let the Sacred Center do the talking.

To join together and celebrate the Sun we observe and interact with the seasons and cycles of nature. This deepens our connection and aligns us to the natural flow and rhythm of life. The sun is a symbol of our own consciousness, one that we share and one that is ever expanding.

The event is free to the public and will be taking place Saturday from noon til seven in Kiwanis Park.   Join Bismarck Parks and Rec, Dakota West Arts Council, and Sacred Center Yoga Studio.

Finally you get to wear your yoga pants!

Craig Barritt
Craig Barritt

And bring your yoga dog too!

Dog in yoga pose. French bulldog pup on a white background. Animal themes

See ya Saturday

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