Congratulations to Bob Miller who had this week's winning photo!

Bob Miller submitted a beautiful picture of the sun rising over Fort Lincoln. The picture itself is incredibly cool but submitting it on Memorial Day Weekend helped propel it to the top. The amazing picture and the great timing put Bob over the edge.

Bob Miller - "Reveille at Fort Lincoln"
Bob Miller - "Reveille at Fort Lincoln"

Bob is this week's winner of a free sub from Subway.

We will begin taking submissions for next week's contest by 6am on Wednesday, June 1. Submissions will close by noon on Friday, June 3. In order to enter the contest, just look for the 'COOL Photo of the Week' post on our Facebook page and submit your photo in the comments. The Photo of the Week post will always be at the top of the page during the submission period.

You can take a look at all of this week's entries in the photo gallery above or in the video slideshow below.

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