North Dakota cities are not all that "walkable." Restaurants, grocery stores, and more are spaced far apart and we do not have a lot of public transportation options to get to-and-from anywhere. But there are groups working to make North Dakota cities more travelable for people without vehicles.

A local leadership group is working on a pilot program to bring designated rideshare areas to Bismarck.

According to KFYR-TV, a Bismarck-Mandan leadership group is working with the city of Bismarck and downtown businesses to create designated rideshare areas. The report states, "Seven existing loading zones have been selected by the group to be pick-up and drop-off locations." The designated rideshare areas are meant to make pick-up/ drop-off safer and easier for riders and drivers, alike!

If the program is a success this summer, rideshare areas will also be designated in Mandan.

KFYR-TV reports that the new program will go through the summer, and if successful, the program will be expanded to Mandan. Get the full story about Bismarck's rideshare areas here.

Bismarck-Mandan is definitely becoming more user-friendly to people without vehicles.

How exciting is it that Bismarck and Mandan are becoming more friendly to people who do not have vehicles? This year alone, the North Dakota Department of Transportation offered discount vouchers, rental scooters are now available in the city, and the designated rideshare areas will soon be introduced. Now, we just need a public transit option that picks up more than once an hour!

What do you think about the latest public transportation options that are coming to the Bismarck-Mandan area?

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