The holidays are here, friends and relatives coming by your house, are you stocked up with alcohol?

Yes, we all know we are now "Knee-deep" into the holidays, with Thanksgiving next week, and then the second we digest our pumpkin pie, the Christmas carols begin. Usually, for most families, there is alcohol in the house to greet their guests with and to consume themselves. In Dickinson, North Dakota,  the trip to the store for booze won't be so CONVENIENT though.

Just last Tuesday there was a public hearing on whether convenience stores in Dickinson could sell alcohol

Last Tuesday in Dickinson, City Hall was full. Commissioners with the City of Dickinson along with several bars and business owners at a public hearing held to talk about selling alcohol at convenience stores. Opinions were divided and a vote was put to test. According to "Commissioners were divided on the topic, but ultimately voted 4-1 to move forward with the ordinance without the inclusion of convenience stores having the option to sell alcoholic beverages on the first reading of ordinance 1733, Chapter 4"

Before the vote, liquor store owners expressed their concerns about convenience stores selling booze

Before the vote was held, a local liquor store owner talked about his concerns about alcohol being sold at convenience stores, for one thing, it would take away business from his store. That makes sense. However in my opinion, what makes even perfect sense is that the danger of selling beer at these gas stations/stores is the danger of someone just stopping in real quick, filling up their tank, and buying a couple of tall beers to take with them out on the highway. That spells out danger.

Liquor stores are where booze should be, period.

Hanging out at your neighborhood bar for a beer, great, stopping by a liquor store to stock up for the holidays, great - just make it nice and easy and take the beer away from gas stations/convenience stores.

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