Why would Dish Network want to deny you access to your local news, NFL games, and all your favorite CBS programs?  Was it something Lauren Kalberer said?  She's always been nothing but cordial to me.  Wait, does mean Amber with the weather also disappeared? NOOOO!!!!!

No, it's like every single thing that always happens in the world- just follow the money.

It's nothing personal to the good folks at KX, it's a dispute between their parent company Nexstar Media Group and the Dish Network, and it's affecting 5.4 million Dish subscribers.  This is certainly not the first time a huge communication carrier has gotten into a public spitting match with it's content subscribers.  Odds are they'll come to a mutual agreement after a period of punishing their subscribers and their loyal viewers. Here's a bit of the "he said/she said" being tossed around by the top brass from both companies.

Nexstar you go first..

DISH continues to propose rates that are less than fair market value for the broadcast network and local market programming content carried by Nexstar’s television stations.  DISH also continues to exclude WGN America from its proposals. Since DISH proposals are not at all in line with the reality of current market rates, Nexstar is left with no choice but to reject any extension of the current agreement. 

OK Dish, what do you say about that?

Neylon also said Nexstar is “demanding” more than $1 billion to carry fees for stations that are available for free over the air... “This shocking increase is the largest we have ever seen,” Neylon added. “While we work to keep subscribers’ TV bills as low as possible, Nexstar has no problem passing the buck on to American consumers. It has turned its back on its public interest obligation and is demanding significantly more money for the same programming.

"SHOCKING!"  Yep, that's Brian Neylon, group president, Dish TV.

It's a stare down. The squeeze is on with 164 stations in 120 markets over 42 states all pulled down for now.  I think it's fair to say pressure is going to continue to build until these market's favorite Sunday NFL game ain't there. For many states there's no bars open to go watch the game.

Also, this is not going to sit well with Wheel of Fortune fans.

Midco pissed me off when Turner Classic Movies got dropped from their service.  Still angry, but I'm a creature of habit.  Earlier this year Dish dumped a bunch of local sports networks including Fox Sports North. That led our guy Rick Rider to dump Dish. But those are smaller fish, can Dish survive without Nexstar's 164 stations? Doesn't really matter, as mark my words, they'll hammer out some deal come Monday.  But until then, you'll need to find a socially distancing friend willing to invite you over to watch football.

Or look into an over-the-air TV antennae and cut the cord, the dish, and the cost. Clarence would sell you one today at Feist Electronics.

Dmitry Merkushin

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